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Nightmares (short film, 11mins, 2004)

Written & Directed by Darren Ward and Produced by Jonathan Holmes, Nightmares is a short eleven minute film shot on Super16 that explores the darkerside of human emotion. A nameless Serial Killer recounts some of his previous crimes. The crimes are shown as a series of flashbacks, told through the eyes of the Killer. His victim's souls left to wander their slayer's dark domain. His victims random. His motive.....Insanity



'Darren Ward's short film "Nightmares" is nothing short of 11 minutes of excellence' - HORRORVIEW

'Darren Ward's latest short shocker opus 'Nightmares' - SEXGOREMUTANTS

'this short shows a lot of potential...' MONSTERSATPLAY

'Another Winner from Ward' - MONDO-DIGITAL

'So beautifully filmed it has to be seen to be believed' - THE GRINDHOUSE

Complete Film 9:49secs
(Propeller TV Version. Alt end credit music, 100mb)