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Beyond Fury (In Development)

'Beyond Fury' is the final part in Darren Ward's award winning blood-drenched crime trilogy. The film also sees the return of character 'Walker' (Sudden Fury 1998).

Barbara Cupisti and Giovanni Lombardo Radice -
are both attached to star in Beyond Fury


CLAUDIA gazed lovingly into MICHAEL’s eyes. Both were finally happy it seemed, the baby was due any day, they had a new home, a new life…

They’d walked through that same park everyday for months, never this late perhaps. Claudia felt safe on Michael’s arm, what could possibly happen?

The police report stated ‘gratuitous and extraordinary violence, executed with extreme prejudice. Perpetrators - unknown.’

As he recovers from the physical wounds, Michael Walker plays out the awful scenes of that mad nightmare, again and again - the brutal rape and subsequent murder of his beautiful wife. Claudia is dead. Their unborn child… dead! And yet somehow… they were the lucky ones. Michael survives… but the pain of his loss eats away at him, until he can take no more. There must only be one possible path now, vengeance… vengeance against the mindless scum that murdered his family.

Unwilling to assist the Police who are dogging his efforts, Michael draws upon his military experience. The gang that attacked him are the foot-soldiers of London’s most feared interloping gangster IVAN LENZIVICH.

Michael embarks on an all-out war against Lenzivich (culminating in an epic half-hour action showdown).

Blood runs in rivers as Michael Walker unleashes his inner fury and exacts revenge, on a biblical scale!

Brutal and totally uncompromising BEYOND FURY is the final chapter in Darren Ward’s award winning & blood-soaked crime trilogy (SUDDEN FURY (1998) & A DAY OF VIOLENCE (2010)). Watch it… if you dare!